· DUI classes offered. Call us for more information.


Kentucky Driving School

Offering DUI Classes

DUI classes offered. Call us for more information.

Three convenient locations


Jefferson County

3715 Bardstown Road, Suite 410
Louisville, Kentucky 40218

(502) 456-5266


Hardin County

543 N Wilson Rd # C

Radcliff, KY 40160

(270) 351-5102


Meade County

138 Broadway

Suite A

Brandenburg, KY 40108

(270) 351-5102

Kentucky Driving School has been licensed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky since 1986 to provide substance abuse counseling and education services in Kentucky. Our services include:


Education (PRIME for Life)

Individual and group counseling

Case management

Referrals (for residential rehabilitation and other services not provided by KDS)


Our services are provided primarily for DUI cases, but also for cases ranging from probation and parole to misdemeanor and felony cases, when this type of service has been mandated by the courts.


Our counselors are licensed professionals credentialed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky to provide assessments, instruction, and treatment  for alcohol and drug abuse cases.  They will guide you to completion of any conditions required by the courts or other governmental  authorities, with the  added  goal of resolving whatever personal conflicts brought you to this place in your life. They will assist and support you in modifying your substance abuse behaviors , hopefully eliminating in the process many of the difficulties these behaviors have caused in your life.


Our Louisville office, in the Buechel area, is open from 9-6 Monday through Friday. We also have offices in Radcliff  and Brandenburg to serve Hardin, Meade, and surrounding counties. You will be treated with respect and courtesy by all our office staff, and your personal information, of course, is always confidential.



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