3715 Bardstown Road

Suite 410
Louisville, Kentucky 40218

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361 Baxter Avenue

Louisville, Kentucky

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A motorcycle Rider Course is for everyone who wants to have more fun riding, while becoming a better, safer rider.

You deserve the ride of your life. Come and join the class. We meet on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. The more you know the better it gets. A permit is not required for the course, but will be required to be licensed. Your permit must be held for 30 days before you can apply for your motorcycle license.

The instructor, James Epley is a certified motorcycle trainer. The following sponsors has helped to make motorcycle lessons possible:
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Located near the corner of 
Bardstown Road and Hikes Lane, 
behind the White Castle.
3715 Bardstown Road, Suite 410
Louisville, Kentucky 40218

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 KY Motorcycle Rider Skill Test Instructions video

You will learn these  maneuvers and more

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